Conferences & Programs

The CRE Finance Council holds two premier conferences each year in the United States: the January Conference in Miami and the June Annual Conference in New York. Conference programing addresses the most relevant topics facing the industry and are presented by recognized finance leaders. CREFC also hosts major conferences in both Europe and Japan. These internationally recognized events bring together the industry leaders and organizations driving the industry.

Complementing these major conferences are After-Work Seminars held regularly throughout the calendar year, each of which is tailored to fit the constituencies served by CREFC.

TitleEvent TypeCityBegin Date
Choose Your Own CMBS AdventureYoung ProfessionalsMiami10/20/2015FL_Y102015
What Investors Need To Know About Single Family RentalAfter-Work SeminarNew York10/21/2015NY_A102115
Current Lending LandscapeYoung ProfessionalsNew York10/26/2015NY_Y102615
Cybersecurity in Real Estate Finance?After-Work SeminarNew York10/28/2015NY_A102815
2nd Annual CRE Lending: West Coast PerspectiveAfter-Work SeminarLos Angeles10/29/2015CA_A062315
How Lenders Are Competing in Today’s Challenging MarketplaceAfter-Work SeminarNew York11/2/2015NY_A102715
Managing CRE Risk: What Works & Lessons From Previous CyclesAfter-Work SeminarNew York11/4/2015NY_A110415
Reg AB II - New Changes or Business As Usual?After-Work SeminarNew York11/5/2015NY_A110515
AWS Hosted By CREFC's Women's NetworkAfter-Work SeminarNew York11/9/2015NY_A110915
EB-5 Financing - What You Need To Know NowAfter-Work SeminarDallas11/10/2015TX_A111015
Save the Date: After-Work Seminar Hosted By HYDRA ForumAfter-Work SeminarNew York11/12/2015NY_A111215
House of Cards: Predicting Future: Central Florida RE MarketAfter-Work SeminarOrlando11/17/2015FL_A110415
High Yield Lending Trends & the Latest Co-Lender StructuresAfter-Work SeminarNew York11/18/2015NY_A111815
CREFC Industry Leaders Conference 2016Major ConferenceMiami1/11/2016JAN_16
CREFC Annual Conference 2016Major ConferenceNew York6/13/2016JUN_16
CREFC Industry Leaders Conference 2017Major ConferenceMiami1/9/2017JAN_17
CREFC Annual Conference 2017Major ConferenceWashington6/5/2017JUN_17
CREFC Industry Leaders Conference 2018Major ConferenceMiami1/8/2018JAN_18
CREFC Annual Conference 2018Major ConferenceNew York6/11/2018JUN_18